1 Selecting the treatment

We want to be in close contact with you from the very first moment. Like we were your personal medical assistant. Choosing the right clinic and doctor who will understand your feelings and needs is essential for treating you the best way. Moreover we will do all the work with booking the flight and travelling paperwork for you.

  • Recommending you the right doctor and clinic
  • Planning the travel
  • Booking your flight
  • Paying the deposit

2 Travel

Our job is to make your travel smooth. We will plan the fastest and most comfortable way to Prague. At the airport you’ll meet your personal assistants from Pragulicio and the clinic. Together we will answer any questions and take you to the hotel to rest after the journey.

  • Flight to Prague
  • Meeting your medical assistants
  • Way to the hotel in a business limousine

3 Treatment

At the clinic you’ll meet the doctor and talk once more about all the treatments, some of them might require further examination. For the surgery you’ll sign separate a contract, you’ll have time to go through it in advance. If you’ll need to rest after the surgery, our clinics have comfortable guest rooms where you’ll stay under medical observation.

  • Signing a contract
  • Medical examination
  • Treatment
  • Aftercare at the clinic

4 Time for fun

Either before or after the treatment when you will be staying at the hotel, there is a lot of things you can discover in Prague. Magical sightseeings or friendly people around the bars.

  • Bohemian spirit
  • Friendly people
  • Perserved medieval sightseeing

5 Way back home

We will arrange your way back home by a plane of your choice. Of course we will pick you up at a hotel with our Audi A8 and take you to the airport.

  • Arranging your flight
  • Dealing with all the paper work
  • Last coffee under the castle