Petr Jan Vasek, M.D.

Petr Jan Vasek, M. D.
Petr Jan Vasek, M. D.


„I have been waiting until complete healing before writing a review. This is the way I want to thank to doctor Vasek and his nurse. Finally I got rid of the fat on my belly, which I had after years of drinking beer. If I only knew, how good will I feel after the treatment, I would listen to my partner years ago. I am grateful for the work he has done.“ Petr K.

„Thanks to doctor Vasek for amazing nose job. I am very satisfied with result. After visiting clinics in England, I decided to come for surgery to Prague. Very professional staff, high quality and my nose is absolutly perfect.“ Nicole N.

„Hi, we wanted to thank doctor Vasek for the surgeries, which has helped to me and my sister. I had the face lifted and my sister has undergone upper eyelid surgery. During the face to face consultation with the doctor it felt like a paradise when compared to other clinic's I have been to. He listened carefully to all of our questions and he even recommended to my sister, that she doesn't need the second surgery she wanted, that she is still young and it would be waste of money. All members of the team were very kind and helpful. I highly recommend this surgeon and thanks again for all the care.“ Danuse K., Milena D.

„Dr. Vasek performed a liposuction on my hips. He was professional, explained everything in details so I knew what is going on. It almost didn't hurt, the healing was surprisingly fast and I am really happy. I can surely recommend him.“ Veronica

Personal data

Date of birth: 18.2.1942
Citizenship: Czech, Canadian, South African
Marital Status : Married with two children
Languages : English, Czech, German and Russian

Medical education, degrees And qualifications

1966 – Palacky's University of Olomouc Medical School
1972 – Specialist in Otorhinolaryngology Grade I Prague
1977 – Specialist in Otorhinolaryngology grade II Prague
1987 – Specialist in Otorhinolaryngolohy and Head and Neck Surgery , Studies for FRCSA , MMED ( Witwatersrand University ,Johannesburg, South Africa)

Profile summary

  • Senior Consultant – Senior Lecturer, Principal Specialist (15 years)
  • Clinical Professor, Division of Otorhinolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery, University of Witwatersra – Academic General Hospital, Johannesburg, South Africa
  • Private Practice at Carstenhof Hospital, Midrand, Johannesburg, RSA (10 years)
  • Director of Division of Head Neck Surgery, Scull Base Surgery and Facial Plastic Surgery, University of Wirwatersrand, Medical School, Johannesburg Academic Hospital, RSA (7 years)
  • Asklepion, Centrum of Aesthetic Medicine and Laser Centrum, Prague (5 years)
  • Head Physician – Glamour Miniinvasive Aesthetic Clinic, Prague (2 years)