• Giving your chest a manly look.

Also known as gynecomastia. The goal of gynecomastia treatment is to reduce breast size in men who are embarrassed by overly large breasts. Reduction methods include liposuction, cutting out excess glandular tissue or using a combination of liposuction and excision. Gynecomastia can be effectively and safely improved or corrected completely. 

Before and after

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When to Consider Gynecomastia Treatment?
  • If you are reluctant to remove your shirt in public, to swim, to participate in sports or to exercise at a gym.
  • If you want to improve your overall body proportions.
  • If you experience psychological discomfort associated with large breasts.
  • If you want to increase your social confidence.
During the treatment

The surgical approach is selected depending on the size of the gland. In the case of only slightly enlarged glands, we usually opt for a small incision along the circumference of the areola. The scar in such cases is minimal. In the case of larger breasts, we opt for an extended vertical incision to the sides of the breast. Exceptionally, in the case of extensive enlargement and if it is planned to remove the gland as a whole, we opt for an incision in the shape of an inverted T. The procedure is performed under general anaesthesia and lasts approx. 60 until 90 minutes.

After the treatment

Patients are usually hospitalised for one day. In the case of more extensive gynaecomastia, a two- day stay in hospital is recommended. We recommend that patients wear special elastic underwear that protects the operated areas for three weeks following the procedure. During the subsequent check­ups, the surgeon explains the technique of pressure massages of the scar tissue and recommends a special ointment to enhance the healing process. We recommend that patients desist from any strenuous physical activity (sports, lifting heavy loads) for the duration of four weeks.

Doctor performing the treatment

€1600 / $2070 / £1260

An exact quote is induvidual for every client according to our price list and consultation with the surgeon.