• Making your head looking sharper with changing the shape of your ears.
Cosmetic surgery of the ear, or otoplasty, is an aesthetic procedure that alters the size, position, or proportion of the ears. The outcome of ear reshaping surgery varies greatly depending on the changes that are desired, but these procedures generally improve self-confidence, especially in children and teenagers. If the ears stick out, ear pinning can be performed to flatten the ears against the head. If one ear is positioned higher than the other, ear repositioning can create symmetry. Large, oversized ears can be addressed alone or in conjunction with other ear issues.
When to Consider Ear Surgery?
  • If you were born with overly large or small ears.
  • If your ears are disproportionate to your head or oddly placed.
  • If your ears stick out prominently.
  • If you have suffered an injury that has negatively impacted the shape or positioning of your ears.
  • If your proffesion or business recquires a representative look
  • If you want to improve your self-confidence
During the treatment

Ear pinning (otoplasty) is performed either as an outpatient service under local anaesthesia or under general anaesthesia followed by preventive hospitalisation for 1 night. The surgery takes roughly 1 hour. The surgeon removes a strip of skin from the back of the pinna, adjusts the ear cartilage as necessary and fixes the ear in the desired position using absorbable sutures. After the surgery, clients leave with a fixation bandage around their head.

After the treatment

After recovery from anaesthesia, the client takes analgesics to dull pain, which usually recedes in a few days. The fixation bandage is usually worn for 1 to 2 weeks; clients regularly come for redressing until fully recovered.

The healing process and stabilisation of the earlobe in the desired position usually take 2 months. During this time, there is a risk or reprotrusion, or the return of the earlobe to its original position. For this reason, it is very important to avoid activities that could lead to injury of the not quite healed ear. It is also advisable to protect the ears from extreme cold or sunlight. The fine scar remaining behind the ear after surgery will fade over time.


€ 650 / $ 840 / £ 510

An exact quote is induvidual for every client according to our price list and consultation with the surgeon.