• Youthful appearance. Making the skin on your face looking 5-10 years younger and improving the skin’s elasticity.

Facelift, also known as rhytidectomy, deals with the problems of aging of both men and women. At the core is the tightening of the skin and the subcutaneous system. To achieve better results, facelift surgery is often combined with other methods such as liposuction of the face and neck, eyelid surgery or neck lift, the plastic correction of the neck.

Before and after

Facelift Praguelicio 2 Facelift Praguelicio 1

When to consider a facelift
  • If you think that your wrinkles and skin elasticity makes you older than you feel
  • If you feel that signs of aging are a social obstacle
  • If you want to remove the deep creases and wrinkles, especially around your mouth
During the treatment

Facelift surgery is performed under general anaesthesia and takes between 2 and 3 hours. The surgeon makes an incision around the ears and reshapes the skin and subcutaneous fibrous tissue (known as SMAS) on the face and neck to ensure the effect will last as long as possible. Excess skin is removed and wounds are closed with fine subcutaneous absorbable sutures. Drains are introduced into the wound to be removed the next day. After the surgery, the client wears a pressure bandage around the head.

After the treatment

The second day after surgery, drains are removed and an elastic sleeve is applied; it is recommended that patients wear this sleeve for the first 10-14 days. In the first days, pain can be dulled with standard analgesics. Post-operative swelling and bruises gradually fade away over 14 days. In the first month after the surgery, dying your hair and exposing your skin to intensive sunlight is not recommended.

Who can be treated?
  • Clients of middle age and older who are medically able to undergo the surgery
  • Smokers should give up the habit 
Combination of treatments

Facelift & nose reshaping

Facelift & teeth whitening

Facelift & abdominoplasty


Facelift: € 2.000 / $ 2.680 / £ 1.580

Complete reconstruction of face (facelift, eyelids, double chin treatment, laser treatment):  € 4.890 / $ 6.330 / £ 3.870

An exact quote is induvidual for every client according to our price list and consultation with the surgeon.