Ever wanted to walk out of the pool or sea and be proud? Or not to be ashamed in the shower after a workout? Penis enlargement by a mini-invasive surgery, especially by the transfer of autologous fat, is a very popular way by which men can increase their self-esteem. This is actually the only way to painlessly and very gently increase the penis size, specifically the thickness. 

When to consider a penis treatment
  • If you feel that larger penis would improve your self-esteem and attractivity
  • If you want to attract more people just by the look, e.g. on the beach
During the surgery
The procedure is performed under local anesthesia. After liposuction and purification of the fat, it is added to the periphery of the penis and thus enlarged. The procedure is not painful and lasts two hours.
After the surgery

The recommended recovery after liposuction is not more than three days, but sexual abstinence is recommended for 14 days.

  • The surgery will increase width and lenght of your penis
  • Long-term boosted self-esteem
  • More masculine look and feel
  • Increased attractivity
  • Enhanced sexual potency

€2800 / $3620 / £2220

An exact quote is induvidual for every client according to our price list and consultation with the surgeon.