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Dental crowns are dental replacements fixed to the root of the tooth. They are a practical and aesthetic solution to damaged crowns, i.e. the visible parts of teeth. If the root of the tooth remains intact, it can be then treated with an implant or a fixed bridge. Prosthetic treatment is performed under local anaesthesia.
This procedure is entirely painless.

When to consider a dental crown
  • On teeth weakened by excessive tooth decay that cannot be resolved with fillings
  • To treat teeth damaged by injury
  • As anchoring parts for fixed bridges
  • As part of prosthetic treatment after the introduction of dental implants
Materials used

Our doctors use full ceramic crowns. Ceramic crowns are the most durable and are made using technology developed in the USA. The result is by its look and quality like natural.

Dental crowns are made by using the patented CEREC® method

CEREC® (short for CEramic REConstructions) is the most advanced technology of robotic dentistry developed by scientists in the USA. This unique technology is used in the manufacturing of crowns, veneers and full ceramic fillings.

Why is this method currently the best?
  • Time savings - dental prostheses are made during a single visit to our clinic. This avoids the need to employ temporary solutions and take unpleasant dental impressions.
  • Absolute accuracy - after the tooth is prepared, the physician uses an intraoral camera to capture an optical impression of the teeth; a three-dimensional reconstruction of the dental arches in a computer is then used to create an exact and fully anatomical replacement of the tooth or its part.
  • Long life and high quality of material, also containing an element actively protecting against cavities.
Doctors performing the treatment

€438 / $567 / £347 : Full ceramic crown made by CEREC® method.

An exact quote is induvidual for every client according to our price list and consultation with a dentist.