Dental hygiene is an important part of dental care is regular visits to a dental hygienist. First of all, they can professionally remove tartar deposits from your teeth. They will also advise you on how to properly care for your teeth, particularly interdental spaces.

Three basic professional teeth cleaning methods are used at our clinic

  • Removal of tartar with ultrasound
Tartar is created from dental plaque. If not removed in time, it can damage the adjacent gum. This leads to gums that are sensitive, swollen and painful to the touch.

  • Air-flow
A very gentle method for cleaning the surface of teeth using water, air and microparticles of soda or calcium. This method can temporarily rid your teeth of discolouration and plaque.

  • Fluoridation
This method prevents the loss of calcium from tooth enamel, medically known as demineralisation. This is the most common cause for sensitivity of tooth necks to external stimuli, in particular temperature changes and the consumption of hot or cold substances. The supplied fluorides strengthen the enamel and protect it from bacteria and acids. Fluoridation with minerals is also used for the effective prevention of cavities in children.
Doctors performing the treatment

Approximately € 100 / $ 125 / £ 78. Please, contact for the exact price of this treatment