Veneers are the most advanced and gentle solution for many aesthetic defects of the teeth. A veneer is a thin slice of ceramic material adhesively attached to the front of one or more visible teeth.

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Which aesthetic defects can veneers resolve?
  • Wide gaps between teeth, orthodontic defects - uneven, crowded or too spaced out teeth.
  • Covering unsightly fillings or stains
  • Mechanical damage to teeth, for example caused by injuries
  • Last but not least, it is a very popular alternative to teeth whitening.
  • Veneers can also be used to address significant discolouration of teeth that cannot be fixed with whitening, all during a single visit of our clinic.

The most popular material is ceramic
Full ceramic veneers stand out above all other materials used today because they provide the most aesthetically pleasing result and are gentlest to your teeth. Thanks to unique technology, application of a porcelain veneer affects only fractions of a millimetre of your teeth.

CEREC® method

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CEREC® (short for CEramic REConstructions) is the most advanced technology of robotic dentistry developed in the USA. This unique technology is used in the manufacturing of veneers, crowns and full ceramic fillings. Ceramic prostheses made using this method lead to perfect results for more than 99% of clients.

A radiant smile and stronger teeth during a single visit
With the CEREC® method, you can forget about uncomfortable dental imprints and temporary dentures. Veneers of the highest quality can be made during a single session. The dentist uses an intraoral camera to capture an optical impression of your teeth. The data is then sent to a milling machine that within minutes produces a precise veneer (the equipment can also be used to make crowns or fillings).

The finished and polished veneer is adhesively fixed to the prepared tooth. The tooth is worked on and veneers are fixated under local anaesthesia. This means the procedure is entirely painless for clients.

The key to proper veneer care is following the principles of oral hygiene
With veneers, your teeth will be stronger and more beautiful. But you also have to learn how to care for them and follow the advice of dental hygienists.

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Doctors performing the treatment

€438 / $560 / £340

An exact quote is induvidual for every client according to our price list and consultation with a dentist.