A specialised branch of dentistry focusing on the prevention, diagnostics and treatment of improper teeth and jaw position. Anomalies in teeth position can be inherited or acquired, for example due to premature loss of one or more teeth in children or through certain bad habits.

Anomalies in teeth position can be inherited or acquired, for example due to injuries or some diseases; in children, common causes include premature loss of milk teeth or excessive sucking of thumbs or toys.The treatment starts with a thorough entry examination during which we will outline a suitable plan for resolving your or your children's orthodontic issues. Such plan aims not only to eliminate all defects or deformations in the mouth, but also to improve the overall hygiene of the oral cavity.

There are no limitations for the age of our patients! With children, we can start immediately after their permanent teeth appear. In some cases, surgery may be required (extracting a tooth, loosening the frenulum at the lip or tongue, etc.).

Which problems can orthodontics solve?
  • irregularities in the position of teeth
  • large gaps between teeth or crowded teeth
  • overbite
  • other functional and aesthetic defects
Modern braces do not have to be visible at all

Braces are divided into removable and fixed. Removable braces are primarily intended for children who wear them for 12-14 hours a day, mostly at night. Fixed braces are applied on permanent teeth. They consist of adhesive brackets connected with wires. Some braces are worn on the inner side of teeth and are not visible at all. We can also offer white, non-metal braces that are very discreet.

The length of orthodontic treatment is getting much shorter

Clients are often worried about the treatment taking too long. But the times of waiting 2-2.5 years for the result are long gone. Today, we can use modern types of braces that are worn for at most several months (3-7).

Ceramic veneers or braces?

The main deciding factor in the choice between using braces or ceramic veneers to eliminate aesthetic defects is dental health. If it is not necessary to intervene in the hard tissues of the tooth, i.e. to grind the enamel and dentine, braces are always the preferred choice. In some cases, however, veneers or crowns are necessary to complete the orthodontic treatment. This achieves perfection not only in terms of aesthetics, but also function.

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