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About us

Praguelicio is an agency, which mediates a medical care in Prague for male clients from all around the globe. Male medical treatments have their own specifics and delicacies. That is why, we cooperate with the small private clinics of the highest standard only, that dispose highly skilled doctors and appropriate equipment specialized for men.

Price comparison

Nose reshaping Tummy tuck Facelift Dental implant
Praguelicio €1.200 €1.800 €2.000 €1.875
London 1 €5.011 €3.758 €5.683 €3.580
New York 2 €5.864 €5.455 €8.136 €3.350
Berlin 3 €3.200 €2.800 €6.900 €2.400
Dubai 4 €5.068 €4.055 €6.082 €2.400
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4) http://gulfnews.com/about-gulf-news/al-nisr-portfolio/xpress/news/top-5-cosmetic-surgeries-among-uae-men-and-women-1.1266079

Why in Prague?

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  • Top health care
  • Best European surgeons
  • Affordable prices
  • One of the top-ranked cities around the world
  • People who understand you
  • Tolerant and liberal society
  • Easy transfer

Because of the personal relationship with the doctors and staff we are able to guarantee the best medical care worldwide available. Except of that, our clients benefit from the five stars travel services, privacy and accommodation. Praguelicio's priority is to use our knowledge of a Prague's medical environment for the satisfaction of our clients.

Achieving perfect results and client’s satisfaction takes more than the best doctor and surgical skills, it needs a gifted eye to see the aesthetical beauty, vivid imagination and human empathy. We care about our clients from the first contact until hearing the cheerful responses from their lives months later.

That is why, we can book you the most comfortable flight or even get you a private jet, choose the best hotel or a private apartment to match your needs and find you the right doctor who will understand what you want to achieve. We are in constant contact with you. We are your private assistants for the beauty and the health.

Why us?


We will understand your condition, and know exactly what you need to make your trip successful.

Reduced rates

Praguelicio gets access to the special deals and discounts not available to the public, including the discounts on your treatments. Thus, you pay less money for the same treatments as you would pay while booking at the clinics directly.

Better services

Because we supply so many clients, the medical tourism agents can get priority when booking popular clinics, hotels and flights. Make sure everything will be alright with a company, not just you alone.

Complete medical tourism package

We will deal with every aspect of your trip, from door to door, so you don’t have to worry about forgetting something. Moreover, there will be a much less bureaucracy for you.

One price

By using our agency, everything will be included in the price, so it will be easier to budget for your a trip and you’ll have no unexpected expenses. No hidden fees or separate payments for the treatments.

Personal assistance

Just like a holiday rep, Praguelicio gives you someone to turn to when you need a help. Without a support you are on your own in a foreign country with no experience of the local system. We will become your concierge for the time of your stay.


„Is there any city visually more beautiful than Prague?“ Hard to say, but there is a reason why Prague is listed thousand times among the most beautiful places and cities around the world.

This city is imbued with magic. The bohemian atmosphere of laughing people at a sunset. With all the spires behind. But the true spirit is still hiding. Where? Behind the door. Open the door and you will find the lovely people in pubs and bars and relics of the king's court at the finest restaurants. It doesn't matter if you are looking for pure fun or classy business dinner, the perserved history offers unlimited possibilities and lots of things to discover.

The inspiration just begins in infinite corners with cafeterias where Kafka or Einstein went, theaters where Mozart used to introduce his most famous masterpieces or endless parks where anybody can find his place and rest.

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Stunning, warm, friendly. Freezing gothic cathedrals untouched by European wars. The legend has it that every warlord and most powerful men of the continent past last thousand years wanted to spare Prague for himself. At a deep night, hundreds of spires look like there is a mysterious tale hidden at its top.

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